At Cinnamon Fringe we adhere to a skin allergy testing policy to ensure the highest possible care and safety of our clients.

Therefore a colour "skin patch" test is required before we colour hair for the first time, or a change of product is requested.

Please Note:

When booking Colours.

The Cut and/or Finishes are an addition.

Please Note:

A colour patch test is required at least 48 hours prior to you colour appointment.


Permenant Colour                               33.00
Colour Bath                                        32.00
Full Head Highlights                            55.00
Half Head Highlights                           40.00
"T" Bar Highlights                               32.50
 Fashion Lights                                             11.00
Colour with Half Head Foils                 45.00
Colour with Full Head Foils                  60.00
Spatula Highlights                              50.50
Hat Highlights                                    39.50
Toner                                                 £P.O.C.
Colour Consultation                            0.00